Zee Marathi Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

Zee Marathi Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

Zee Marathi Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Written Update 28 August

Zee Marathi Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Radhika wonders why this guy is calling her and constantly harassing her. Soumitra calms her down and they continue to have dinner. After Radhika returns home, her mother immediately updates Radhika about the day’s events with Shania. Radhika was surprised and wondered why Shanaya came to the handsome house.

Shanaya reaches home crying and tells Gurunath everything that has happened. She said that she could not meet Radhika, who did not rush to return her call. The next day, Shanaya buys a new house in Gulmohar Society without telling Gurunath.

Written Update 29 August

Gurunath’s mother is told about Shanaya and Gurunath’s disappearances. The mother decides to boycott the service with other people and stop all services for her home. Gurunath, meanwhile, is guilty of the scene created by Shanaya. He wants to get out of the house somewhere else but Shanaya dominates him. She told him that she was going to offend anyone who tried to break their marriage.

Radhika is worried about Atharva’s mentality. She thinks entering Gurunath’s building will create confusion for Atharva. Meanwhile, Radhika gets a call from a stranger who knows every detail of her life. She suspects Gurunath’s hand behind this and has decided to investigate the matter.

Written Update 30 August

Gurunath is worried about the outcome of this argument after Shani’s quarrel. However, Shanaya does not care and does not pay attention to Guru Gurunath trying to warn her. However, Shanaya realized the gravity of the problem and bribe the cleaning worker. She tells him to throw garbage in front of Radhika’s house. The cleaning worker does so and Radhika sees the waste. Then Shanaya admits to Radhika that she is behind it. She asked Radhika to stay away from her and allow her to live in peace. She told Radhika that if she did not do this she would not retreat and would continue to harass her.

Radhika is offended by Shania’s trick and does not know how to handle her changed behavior. At a meeting in the office, she is too busy thinking about it and does not care about happiness.

Written Update 31 August

On reaching the building, Radhika Atharva became safe and happy. She suspects Gurunath and he goes to his house. She accused Gurunath of harassing her by phone at the wrong time. Gurunath says that he is innocent and does not know what Radhika is talking about. Shanaya intervenes and protects Gurunath from Radhika’s accusation.

Soumitra arrives at Radhika’s office and is happily updated. They are trying to reveal the identity of the man who harassed Radhika. In this case, Soumitra decides to join Inspector Shivani. Meanwhile, Gurunath has been hurt by Radhika’s accusation. He wants to get away from her and Gulmohar community, but Shanai tells him to deal with the situation. Then Shanaya went to her mother to help Gurunath, who was ill.

Zee Marathi Mazhya Navryachi BaykoWritten Update 2 September

Shanaya is happy to see her bad plans against Radhika. However, Gurunath does not like his mother being ashamed in front of everyone. As predicted, Ayala’s father and everyone else were reprimanded for going to Shanya’s house and talking to Gurunath. She tries to defend herself but Dad doesn’t listen. It is believed that Gurunath uses a mother’s innocence to cause division in the family. He is unhappy that Ai’s love for Gurunath has not changed, despite everything Gurunath has done.

The next morning Shanaya comes home and tries her best with the handsome family. Mom tells her to leave the house but dad starts blaming her mother again. Then, Radhika throws Shanaya out of the house. After returning home, Shanaya promises to create a quarrel with Radhika’s family. Her first move to worship Satyanarayana.

Kedia is reported to have threatened Radhika. Kadia stole Radhika’s important file and handed it to Gurunath who wanted revenge for Radhika.

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