Telly Updates Kumkum Bhagya Episode 22 October 2019

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Telly Updates Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi embraces Pragya the minute she sees him. Pragya scolds her for drinking and asks her to go outside the restaurant with him. If Pragya promises not to leave him again, Abhi promises to leave the restaurant. Prachi tells Vikram that he scolds Ranbir for being lazy at work. She learns that Ranbir has planned a birthday for one of the employees. Prachi apologizes to Ranbir and befriends him. Pragya and Abhi go out of the restaurant where Pragya kisses Abhi and tells her that he loves her.

Riya tells Aaliya that despite her mother doing everything, Abhi never stops supporting her. Aaliya asks Riya how she knew that Pragya is her mother. Alia is shocked to see Riya and Pragya is sitting on a bench outside the restaurant with Abhi. She tells Abhi to go home and asks a taxi to stop. Telly Updates Kumkum Bhagya

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Abhi sees Pragya and immediately hags her. She notices everyone watching her in the restaurant. She hugs Abhi and scolds him for drinking. Abhi says that he was drunk because he was missing her. Pragya says that she wins, no longer leaves Abhi and takes her out of the restaurant.

Prachi goes to Vikram’s cabin and complains that Ranbir has taken everyone for a coffee break. She tells Vikram to be strict with Ranbir. When they enter the room, Prachi finds Ranbir throwing a party for one of his colleagues. Prachi first apologizes to Ranbir for being rude.

Riya is away from the restaurant by herself. She remembers what Alia had said about problematic middle-class women. She thinks of Prachi and what was Priyanka’s plan to get rid of Prachi. Purba reaches home and harasses Aaliyah. He wonders if she wants to talk to him but Alia says nothing.

Ranbir refused to accept Prachi’s apology as he pushed her earlier. Prachi suggests that Ranbir pushes her and even. Ranbir agrees to push her but stops at the last moment. He says he doesn’t want to push her. Prachi says that now he and Ranbir can be friends. Ranbir accepts to be Prachi’s friend and takes him to his house.

Pragya is trying to take Abhi home. However, she is going in her circles as she is unable to find her car. He goes to his pocket to find the key. Abhi laughs and pretends like Pragya is tickling him. He then asks Pragya to kiss her and says that he loves her which Pragya happily does.

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