swarajya janani jijamata Star, Cast & Story

swarajya janani jijamata

swarajya janani jijamata Star, Cast & Story

Serial Name: Swarajya Janani Jijamata |

TV Channel: Sony Marathi

Start date: August 19, 2019

Time: Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm

Genre: Historical War Drama


Amrita Pawar as Jijamata

Loyalty physician as young Jijai

Swapanali Patil jijai’s mother as Mhalasabai Jadhav

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Director: Vivek Deshpande

Creative Director:

Story, Screenplay and Dialogue: Vivek Apte, Prasad Thosar

Producer: Dr. Amol Kolhe, Vilas Sawant and Ghanshyam Rao


Production House: Jagdamba Creations

Music: Satyajit Ranade

Lyrics: Mandar Cholkar


Background music:

Sound recording:

Special effects:





Art Director:

Story Outline-

Rajmata Jijau’s biggest contribution to the formation of Shiva was known as the protector of Swarajya. Wherever the Swarajya is spoken of, there is mention of the king of this royalty. Survive the battle with which Mawali fell into Shiva’s wings. The Mauli who made the fighters from Shivba to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj were a contributor to this journey. Saluting the Mawali duty, Soni Swarajyajan will present the biography of this heroine in the audience on the occasion of Jijamata.

Sony Marathi, which is presenting a series on various topics, will be bringing the royal tour of this royalty to the audience from August 29. A brief glimpse of the series teaser has just been released on Sony Marathi. Maharashtra has always been keen on historical series. Sony will be coming to Marathi Marathi in this same episode. Dr. Amol Kolhe has been produced by Jagdamba Creations. The audience will be able to see the equation of Amol Kolhe and historical series, plays, once again on the occasion of Swarajya Janani Jijamata.

This series will reveal the entire journey of the mother of Swarajya. Amrita Pawar will be seen as the Swarajya Janani appearing on Sony Marathi. So Swarajitajan will see the new aspect of Amrita Pawar’s acting from the role of Jijamata.

“Swarajyajanani jijamata” This is another creation of jagged creations. The challenge is to have a different Shivaji bow after Sambhaji!

It is a pleasure to bring the biography of Jijau Massaheb to the audience of Shahajiraj who authored the concept of self-governance, who created Japasali and the founder of Shivrajaya. The series is not just entertainment but a rite of passage and a boast of pride for all the Jijau people

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