Sambhaji Raje Serial Today Episode 23 October 2019

Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji 1 November

Sambhaji Raje Serial Today Episode 23 October 2019

Sambhaji Raje Serial Today Episode 23 October Shankarji’s father, Harji Rao Mahadik reaches Raigad. Everyone waits for Raje to welcome the groom’s father, but Raje does not come. Yasubai quickly handles the situation and tells Raja Rama to replace Raje. But, Battishi Bai becomes suspicious about Raje’s absence and keeps asking Yasubai about it. A hesitation Yesubai keeps avoiding him or he has to lie about Raje’s place.

Raje, Nilo Pant and Khandoji go undercover as someone else and the Burhanpur campaign begins. Meanwhile, Battishi Bai realizes that Raje is not at the fort and she catches Yasubai about this. Yesubai, who is under a lot of pressure, tells the truth to Battasi.

Swarajya Rakashak Sambhaji Yesterday Written Updates

Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj Episode 22 October 2019 Others present at the ceremony begin to pressurize Raiji and Kaviraj to meet Raje to meet Harji Rao who is waiting at the door to door. Yesubai comes to the rescue and tells Rajaram Raje to take Raje’s place and welcome Harji Rao Mahadik. Kanhoji Rao as the procession starts complaining about Raje’s behavior. Kanhoji Rao begins to suspect Raje but his nephew Gonoji Dadasaheb tries to calm him down.

Battashi Bai quickly criticizes Raje’s absence and informs Matoshree who gets worried. She confronts Yesubai who is hesitant about Raje’s place with her and Matoshri. As Matoshree tells Yasubai to take her to Raje, a helper calls Yesubai to the kitchen and she luckily escapes the situation. At night, Battishi Bai again goes to Yasubai’s chambers and asks her about Sambhaji. Yesubai has no choice but to lie to Battisi Bai. Meanwhile, Aurangzeb sent his men to the uprising to create uproar and bloodshed.

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