Kundali Bhagya 8 November 2019 Writtent Updates

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 14 November

Kundali Bhagya 8 November, Karan invites Mahira to meet the other cricketers the next day if he has a fine leg. Preeta deleted all her pictures of Karan and even removed her picture from her wardrobe. The next morning the team captain tries to talk to Preeta and reveals her feelings for him. Preeta says that she is married, but is surprised when the team captain says that she knows that she is marrying Karan’s friend. Karan is at home with his entire family after getting Sherlyn’s legal notice. Karan and Rishabh look at the documents and are shocked to find out that they are divorce papers.

Kundali Bhagya 8 November Kareena read out the demands made in the divorce papers. She says that Preeta wants half of Karan’s earnings from every match. She says Preeta also asks for half of the entire property, which comes from Karan Luthra’s property. Sherlyn reads another line from the legal notice stating that Preeta will take all Luthra to court if her demand is not met.

Mahira thanks Karan for taking her back home. Karan says that this was not a problem for him. He also invites Mahira to his cricket ground the next day as he does not have to go to meet someone else and take autographs. Mahira is excited to go with Karan again but Karan feels that he is excited to meet more cricketers.

Karan wishes that Preeta ever appreciated him like Mahira does. Preeta decides to remove all memories of Karan and removes her pictures from her phone. She takes her pictures down from her cupboard and tear them away. When she goes to office the next day, the cricket captain, Shiva goes to talk to her as Karan is not there.

Shiva tries to tell Preeta indirectly that he likes her by praising her dressing sense and other such items. Preeta tells him that he is married. Shiva says that he is aware that Preeta is marrying Karan’s friend and she does not see this as a problem. Preeta gets angry to hear that Karan said that he had married his friend and left.

Karan is at home to be part of a press announcement that Rishabh must have been making. Sherlyn calls her lawyer and demands that he himself send a legal notice that day. Mahira is about to slip on the stairs again when Karan catches her. Rishabh feels that Karan and Mahira are smiling seeing each other now.

Karan gets a notification from Preeta which shocks him while reading. Seeing Karan’s face, Rishabh read the documents and came to know that it is Preeta’s divorce papers. He tells Rakhi that Preeta wants to divorce Karan.

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