Kumkum Bhagya 8 November 2019 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode 18 November

Kumkum Bhagya 8 November, Riya informs Sanju that she has spiked both drinks. He forces her to do at least one to Prachi. Sanju convinces Prachi to take a drink and prove that he has forgiven her. Prachi gets drunk after having a drink. She goes to the guest washroom to remove a stain from the dress. Sanju follows her and spills water on her kurta. Prachi helps her take off the kurta but they slip and fall on the bed. All of this is shown by Riya under a projector that surprised everyone at the party.

Kumkum Bhagya 8 November Liya tells everyone at the party what they did to Prachi and Sanju. She says that they cannot stop this from happening but he will do something to correct it and hope that no one stops her. Riya goes to call Prachi down with her lover. Prachi sees Sanju confused.

Riya tells Sanju that she has mixed drugs in both drinks in the tray. He tells her to make sure Prachi drinks the juice to make sure. She then starts spreading rumors to Dimpy that Prachi and Sanju are getting closer in the party. Dimpy tries to explain this to Dadi and Mithali but they refuse to accept her.

Sanju asks Prachi to drink from the glass if he has actually forgiven her. Prachi drinks with drugs in a glass and dries quickly. She holds Sanju for support and Ranbir sees this. Prachi puts a stain on her pallu and says that she is going to clean it in the washroom.

Sanju follows Prachi to the same bedroom that Prachi and Priyanka had planned. He closes the door behind him and pours water on her kurta like Prachi. When Prachi goes to the washroom, Sanju removes his kurta. Riya said on the projector that she is going to show some old videos of Abhi and Alia.

Abhi goes to Disha’s house and she is happy to see him. East is worried when Hrithik does the show. Abhi asks Purab why he was not answering her call earlier. Abhi tells Purab that he is lucky as Alia comes to know that Purab was at Disha’s house. The East is shocked to hear this.

Prachi comes out of the washroom and sees Sanju taking off his kurta. He asks her to help him as he feels he is trapped. Prachi goes to help her but instead slips and falls on the bed as the drugs made her dry. Everyone in the house sees Prachi in bed with Sanju on a large projector.

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